Sunday, March 31, 2019


I've been sewing more again lately, despite being quite busy starting my own nutrition practice.
I sewed two skirts from the same pattern, the 'Cordelia' from Wearing History. It's a late Edwardian style. I really enjoy playing with historical clothing styles and wearing them with modern clothes.
Because it was a new pattern, I knew that I needed to make a mock up, but I didn't want to waste any fabric, and I wanted to wear it too! I had this flannel cotton in my stash that's from the 90's. My mother sewed me a nightgown from this when I was young!

Laying out the pattern

It tuned out pretty well, but I made it too big! I still have it safety pinned in the back; I just need to add back pleats or something.

Cozy PJ skirt!

As much as I like the plaid skirt, it was just a warm-up! I ordered this fabric, 'La Grand Tournee' from Mood Fabrics in March of 2018, and I always intended to use this fabric for this skirt pattern. 

When I was in Seattle in early March, I bought two yards black voile from from Dry Goods Design  in Occidental Square for a lining. 
The plain black voile was nice and wide, so I didn't have to piece it in the back!

I decided to use interfacing for the interior waistband to make it stiffer, and I sewed the waistband to both layers.

Because the outer fabric wasn't wide enough, I had to sew in a piece in the back. 

I flubbed the zipper pretty badly though! I really needed to trim the top of the zipper off. I plan to add a clasp at the top though, so it should hide my sewing sins.

I sewed much of this skirt by hand, since I didn't have the proper needle for my machine for a voile fabric. I actually enjoy hand sewing quite a bit; I watched a few episodes of 'Enterprise' and MST3K whilst sewing this. I feel like I did half a mile of the whip stitch between the two layers of the skirt!

I'm really quite proud of the finished product!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Visit to the Seattle Japanese Gardens

Earlier this month, I was passing through Seattle, and I stopped at the Japanese Gardens. I enjoyed seeing the plants blooming!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

My pumpkin seeds are already blooming!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Evening Visitors

                                                        I had some visitors this evening!

Monday, November 7, 2016


I don't look forward to loosing light every autumn, but it is good for lunar pics. The night was windy and cold, and I just about froze my hands off. The photos were worth it though!


I received a camera for my birthday. I've been leaning to use it over the summer.

It's a bit painful to look at photos of the summer when winter has just begun.