Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been up since 2:30 this morning

We got through our second night. Uno is still here, and still in the garage. She's eating hay, and drank some water on her own early this morning, and ate some brome pellets yesterday. Unfortunately she hasn't done that since. So we are squirting an apple cider vinegar/horehound leaf 'tea' down her throat every half an hour. It is a half gallon of warm water to a half cup of unpasturized apple cider vineger. The horehound leaves go into the mixture. This is from Pat Colby's book, Natural Goat Care. We are also giving as yogurt water mix about every two hours. The strange breathing episodes are coming and going, and they seem to come in droves. Uno won't have one for a several hours, and then she'll have several. She isn't foaming at the mouth as bad as when I found her on Wednesday afternoon, but she is drooling.

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