Friday, February 22, 2013

New Adventures of the Old AlaskAnna

I've been lazy. Maybe it's the weather, the fact that I've been working a lot lately, or my insomniacal ways, or that I've been watching too much Doctor Who, or the fact that I am lazy (at least about blogging and sewing).
But I have been doing other things!

Adventure #1.) Much of  Junebug's (a goat) hair has fallen out. We don't know what is going on, and it doesn't seem as if she has mange, so we try to keep minerals in her. She seems fine otherwise, and I think that her long hairs are growing back in.

Adventure #2.) I sewed an apron for a friend for Christmas. As she lives in sunny Florida, I made it a tied halter neck . I thought that it turned out wonderfully, and my friend adores it. This would be great item to sell on my Etsy shop and at bazaars. They are very easy to try on, unlike other items of clothing.

Adventure #3.) I learned to make kombucha. Two weeks ago, a friend had me over, taught me to make it, and gave me a starter SCOBY. It's very easy to make, and it's $3.29 at the grocery store for sixteen ounces, so I'm happy to learn to make my own. Tomorrow the brew will have been fermenting for two weeks, so I will strain the the SCOBY out, and put ginger and some blueberries in it to ferment for a few more days. I hope it turns out okay.
This is a good article on making kombocha. 
                                                     Yum, yum! (maybe if you're Klingon :)

One last note: the sunshine is back in my house! It's always a happy time when that happens!


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