Friday, April 30, 2010


This is an old vignette I wrote when I was fourteen for a high school project. It was the only project I managed to get an A+++ on in school. Not sure I deserved it, but it was nice.
I did edit it ever so slightly.. It's interesting to think about how I would write this now.

Where I live, we have five seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and breakup. Spring is normally lovely and beautiful, cool and clear, the sun's elusive rays warm. Summer here is glorious, but resembles a green desert. The end of summer is sort of a rainy season; which lasts from August 1st, till whenever school starts. Fall is magnificent. The yellow leaves glide to the ground into a sheet, and them comes with the coverlet of winter. Winter is gorgeous, but it is frigid, and sometimes very much so. And there is never enough sun. Here, it may drop to -50F, but this does not happen too often, only once or twice every couple of years.
Breakup is the season when the sun, the source of heat and light, ceases to hibernate. And the sun's gravitational pull pulls every one's refuse to the surface of the gray snow. Perhaps it is more of a magnetic attraction, but somehow, the sun manages to melt anywhere from one foot of snow to four, and fill those lucky people's homes with a couple feet of liquid ice crystals, dragging along any lovely nutrients it has with it. Breakup lasts about a month and a half or two.
Then it is spring.

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