Monday, March 22, 2010

Rust Dyeing, Part One

This past week has been absolutely GORGEOUS! Rarely a cloud in the sky; temps in the morning hovering just a bit above zero, and then soaring to fifty (in the sun) during the day. I think I will post the collected pictures taken from my afternoon walks tomorrow.
However, this post is part one in a series on rust dyeing. It is an interesting technique that I like to use in my work.
(second rust dyed project, November, 2007)

In October of 2007, my mother bought me a copy of the art clothing magazine Belle Armoire (, of which an article about rust dyeing was showcased. So I that's how I first started.
I've gotten many compliments on how cool it looks. And I've had much fun routing around in the dumpsters at the transfer station looking for cool metal scraps. My favorite is that broken off cog!

(Reversible tote, August, 2008. Personal collection.)

On Thursday, I hope to write about the process of rust dyeing, and I will post more pictures!


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